Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day Off

Why does it seem like a day off never last long enough? I know I don't have enough of them. I feel like I haven't got anything done and the day is almost over.

I did go to Target, do a little cross stitch, clear part of the air hockey table and cut the bases for my birthday party invitations. I still need to go back to Target, finish the air hockey table, and actually make the invitations. Never mind the "To Do" list for my day off. I really wanted to work on my sewing studio since I wanted it done in 3 more weeks.

Poop is doing good. We had a small bout with the flu earlier this week. She is doing much better today. The knot on her head is almost gone, along with the bruising. She still thinks she is big enough to get out of her highchair on her own. We have lowered it so if she does try to jump it's not a far fall.

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DearGina said...

Hey U:) I'll be there at 3 pm on Sat the 11th, for sure, well...barring no traffic jams on hope to see u:)