Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm still here!

Nothing exciting has been happening to blog about. I have reached another day off. We will be shopping for school supplies and clothes a little later with Linda and the girls. We also need to fit in a trip to the Post Office. Tomorrow is an exciting day with a trip planned to Tracy! I know you all are jealous about me getting to go to Tracy without you!

I am working on getting kits together for my guilds BOM in August. I am doing Autumn Spice in Moda's Holly Jolly line. Of course I am cutting an extra top to make for myself. I am also trying to locate Moda's Christmas Past line to make kits for too. I am hoping to have 56-60 kits to hand out, which means 2 quilts to win.

Nikole has been helping watch Poop for me. She comes over and takes care of Poop while I get cleaning and stuff done. The new term for it is a "Mother's Helper." She is trying to earn money for our guilds bus trip to Road to California. According to her she is going to need about $1000 for the weekend. I told her she needed to find more chores to do.


DearGina said...

YOu go girl!!! Dont forget to work on the studio! I dunno how u get so much done... I feel llike I go very fast, dont get far enough:(
Loved seeing ya last week, did I mention that? grunt.
Bye bye... working on my sailboats

DearGina said...