Saturday, November 24, 2007

End of The Week!

We made it through the week. This is an accomplishment for us. It seems like Sunday was long ago, not just seven days. I going to give you the highs and lows.

Sunday-My dad's hand was extremely swollen, red and in pain. My mom and I went to the R. Lily Show and Tell party, neither of us won the Mystery quilt contest. Thank you to all who voted for us.

Monday- My dad was in so much pain with his hand he couldn't sleep. His work sent him to the doctor to have it looked at. The drained it and took a culture. I had some challenges training a new co-worker. I got to see Gina at the quilt shop and picked up Poop's new Nigh, night. Delaney fell, busted her head open in the shower and we got to go to ER. After spending 4 hours, until 1am, in ER without seeing a doctor we went home.

Tuesday- My dad went back to the doctor, they said it is worse than they thought(it had abscessed) and referred him out to a specialist. The specialist scheduled surgery for Wednesday. Dad was bite by a spider while loading a pipe at work. We took Poop to the doctor, and found the 1/2" whole in her head. Dr. Cahill said she should have had stitches but since they weren't put done in the first 2 hours that the ER wouldn't have done them if we stuck around anyway. Poop didn't have a concussion. I had another challenging day at work. Friend's grandma was moved from Stockton to UCSF for medical treatment.

Wednesday- My dad had surgery. His hand was bad on the inside to but had not reached the bone, GOOD NEWS! They ended up draining it and packing it. He was scheduled to go back to the doctor on Friday. IF his hand is not improving he is going into isolation at the hospital. Another Challenging day at work. I have to run to Lathrop to pick up deposit bags for Thursday. I refuse to grocery shop! Picked up Christmas photos at the Mall. Refuse to go to the Mall on Black Friday!

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving! I got to do my job! I enjoy doing what I do and I am good at it! Scott smoked the traditional Brisket and made Old No. 7 sweet potatoes, cranberry fritters, chocolate pecan pie with chocolate Jack Daniels Ice Cream. I ordered Christmas cards from Costco. Aunt Steph and Uncle Victor came down from Reno tonight.

Friday- My Day Off! Notice this is the first time you are reading that. I was out of the house around 6:15am. Stopped by work to send out the schedule. Met Linda out at Trinity Park to go to Office Depot, JoAnn's and Target. I SHOPPED! I even got a few gifts. Dad called he doesn't have to go to the hospital! YEAH! He has to go back on Monday. Do doctor's know how much diesel cost? More than gas. Went out to do more shopping with Scott and Poop. Came home and decorated more of Scott's living room. The three of us went out to visit at my parents house tonight.

Saturday- It's really has only been a week. Work was better. I got to spend most of the day sewing in Manteca with my quilting friends. I got my first of 10 gifts for my friends made. I will whip some more out this week. Scott and Poop are at Scott's uncle's birthday party. I am cleaning the living room waiting for my sister to call so I can meet her at JoAnn's so Nikki can pick out fabric for a dress.

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