Wednesday, November 14, 2007

There's A Light!!!

There's a light at the end of the tunnel! Nah. It's a train, I just heard the whistle! LOL!

Things have been a little busy around here. I have been working six days a week because we are short handed. We did hire someone, the light. Now I am training her, it will take 3 weeks of training before she is on her own, the whistle. So this means a few more weeks with one day off, the train. I am hoping that around the first week of December I will be back to working only 5 days a week at my PART TIME JOB. Right now everyone in my department is working like this, I'm not alone.

The bright side of life, I will find out Sunday if I am one of the top 3 winners in the R. Lily Stem Mystery Quilt Contest. If you are in Modesto between now and Sunday at 1pm stop by, see the quilts, and vote. PLUG for me, I have been told I might be number 5, view my quilt below before going to vote. I have almost finish ripping the quilting out of my Scrappier Than Scrappy and am getting ready to load it again, to quilt again. I am also working on making custom coffee cup sleeves, so I don't have to use the paper ones at the coffee house. I am still working on ideas for Christmas gift for our friends. Any help out their???

Scott is still working in San Ramon and building the two custom houses in West Sacramento. He is hoping to be driving the Blazer again soon. The transmission is being replaced this week and a few other things are being looked at. He will be happy again.

Poop is perfecting that art of the pout. When she is told no or she can't have/do something she gives a loud sign, crosses her arms over her chest, sticks out her bottom lip, tilts her head down and look up at up though her eyelashes. She is very good at it. She learns new words everyday and is trying to sing her ABC's.

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