Thursday, November 8, 2007

Good Poop News!

I took Poop to the eye doctor today for her drooping eyelid, the left one. She has exactly that a drooping eyelid. It is less than a millimeter. We do need to put drops in her eye to help with the minor puffiness.

Droopy eyelids are rated on a five step scale starting at Mild going to Severe. The doctor rated her at a Very, Very Mild. The can do surgery to help correct a droopy eye but he recommended that we walk out of any doctor's office that even suggested her to have surgery. He also dilated her eyes to check inside. At this point he said she did not have any noticeable near or far sightedness. He doesn't need to see her again unless something else comes up. He also said I was a good mom for bringing her in to be checked out and not letting it go.

We feared she might have had "lazy eye" which would have required patches and surgery.

Side note for Lisa: Poop fell climbing onto Linda's bed last week and hurt her arm. She cried for 45 minutes solid and wouldn't move her fingers. I debated calling the doctor. Then all I could think was POOR RICHIE. I called the doctor and took her in. Her arm isn't broken but did have a soft tissue bruise. POOR RICHIE.

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