Monday, February 11, 2008

The Bordello Quilt Story

It all happened 6 years ago at the Manteca Quilt Guilds annual quilt show, which is March 1st and 2nd at the the MRPS hall in Manteca this year. I was shopping with my mom in a booth that 2 men were working. They were looking at the quilt patterns and found one for a Bordello Quilt. Both men were very excited that there is a pattern for a Bordello quilt. They wanted their wives to make them a Bordello quilt. I looked at my mom and asked what are they talking about. Why does a Bordello need a quilt? was my thought. So we worked our way toward them to see the pattern. It was really a pattern for a Bargello Quilt. We tried very hard not to fall into the floor laughing at the two men. Soon after their wives return. The men asked why they haven't made them a Bordello Quilt. They wanted one. You would think since their wives owned a quilt store they could at least make their husbands a quilt. The two women were trying to figure out what the two men were talking about. Finally one husband got the pattern to to show the wives what they wanted. The wives decided they were never going to take the husbands to another quilt show.

Of course me and mom had to stay close to the booth to see how the whole thing went down. It was so funny to watch. So since that one Sunday afternoon in March the Bargello quilt has always been referred to as a Bordello quilt for me and mom.

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