Monday, February 18, 2008

Productive Weekend!

What did you get done on your long weekend? I got to have Sunday off, and man did WE get some stuff done!

I finished the album for the girls school Crab Feed and Auction. I had probably 80% of the stuff in my stash! I put together a scrapbooking basket for the raffle at the Manteca Quilt Show. I had everything but the storage container. I made some more cards. AND I machine quilted a UFO! This one has been in the works for a year! I am hoping to trim it up tomorrow night and bind it this week. I also whipped up a batch of Red Velvet cupcakes, from scratch.

This is last weeks batch of cards. My favorite is the fish card, he spins back and forth. I made 10 of them!

This is part of the quilt I worked on. I did a vine thingy is the white border and the pinwheel looking blocks I did a daisy looking flower.

Scott spent most of Sunday under the house. Yes UNDER the house. He is in about 66% of the way done insulating the floor. It is already making a difference. After he gets the insulation in he has to go back and put up netting so it doesn't fall down.

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