Monday, November 16, 2009

I Have A New Cause!!!

Just what I need right. I think this is so cool.

The Toy Society started in Australia. I found them last year around this time. I thought "WOW that is so cool. I wish people here in the States would do something like that." Then the holidays hit, Scott got the job in Iraq and I found out I was pregnant. I kind of forgot about the Toy Society. Shame on me!

Tonight while looking at a couple of blogs I found them again. I filled out the little application and am patiently waiting to hear what I need to do.

I know I need to make a toy, drop it in a public place, and photo it. But I am sure there is more to it.

My goal is to drop something over Thanksgiving weekend. Anyone going to join me is spreading smiles to random people?

I have heard from the Toy Society, I am in!!! I have printed enought letters and lables for 12 drops. I will be poluting our area with toys soon.

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sp52075 said...

WTF why we live in Stockton people just steal shit anyway. Or they see a abondand package and think ita a bomb