Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Alive!

So I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I am still here. Scott was home, that is my only excuse.

Scott flew in on the 29th of October and life has been a whirlwind ever since. Friday the 30th he spent with the girls, putting in his new TV and recovering from flying. I was able to go to lunch with my cousin Steve that day. On the 31st we head to Old Sac to go on the Spook-o-Motive Train with friends and trick or treating at night. Monday the 2nd was dinner at Lodi Feed N Fuel with 13 friends that wanted to join us for dinner. We had a great time and saw many long time friends. Tuesday was spent to repairs in the back yard. I lost 6 feet of fencing in the last storm and found out that part of the rain gutters were pulling away from the house. Also Scott replace the rails to Delaney's bed that broke awhile back. Thursday the 5th we went to Modesto to drop off a quilt, look for boots and Delaney got carsick before we made it to the water mall.

The second week of his trip was much like the first, CRAZY! Friday the 6th was breakfast at Chuck's, shopping for clothes for family photos, shopping at Ikea and dinner in downtown Sac with more friends. Saturday was up early for photos at Delta College, THANK YOU H for getting us in!, more shopping, me having coffee with Kymn and Scott taking the kids to see his parents. Sunday we went to church for the primary program, then we did some Christmas shopping and ended the day at my parents with Thanksgiving dinner. That night the guys did get my new to me dryer installed, finally! Monday we left for VACATION! We spent the night at our timeshare in Windsor. We had dinner at Johnny Garlics in Santa Rosa and it was amazing, also Scott and Delaney went into the night time pool, hot tub. Tuesday we made the trek to Bodega Bay for Delaney to play in the ocean. Me and Daphne stayed in the car, Delaney and Scott played in the water, it was way cold! We did make the trip back to downtown Santa Rosa to go to the quilted Vine quilt shop, Fabric is running $11 a yard! Which really limited how little I bought, 2.5 yards was $30 with taxes. Wednesday the 11th was spent finishing things around the house, putting up the Christmas tree, and getting out ALL the Christmas decorations.

Today the visit was over. We took Scott back to SFO for him to fly to Dubai and tomorrow he will go to Iraq. His next trip should be in late February.

I have some photos, quilting up dates and an Etsy shop update that will be happening in the next 7 days. So come back soon! Also I am getting the house ready for a dinner party next week. Come back for some sneak peeks.

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Dave said...

I am always amazed of the sacrifice that you both do to bring in a extra income. Scott is a awesome guy for going over there and he has my respect!