Saturday, December 12, 2009

What To Do This Week?

I have so much to get done this next week I think I should write some of it down, where I wont loose it.

1. Finish and Mail Birth Announcements
2. Baking 3 of 12 batches Done
3. Make 12 Potholders 8 of 12 Done
4. Make 10 more toys for the Toy Society's Christmas drop on the weekend 1 of 10 Done
5. Finish binding Client Quilt
6. Pick up my quilt
7. Finish decorating the tree
8. Start decorating the house
9. Finish Pillowcase Tutorial and post it
10. Start the Dinner with Scott Quilt
11. Make Gingerbread house
12. Wrap Presents
13. Drop stuff off to Packed With Pride
14. Grocery Store
15. BOM for 3 Creative Studios
16. Write Christmas Letter

I am sure as the week goes on I will need to add to this list. Hopefully I will across some stuff off too. Check back often to see how it goes.


Bonnie said...

I jealous; your quilt is ready to be picked up. You can make the 12 potholders, that's a no brainer. I am so glad you like that pattern. You did an excellent job in posting the tutorial for that. I know I got to get some baking done too--got to get a grandkids over or it won't get done. They are the only reason the tree got up last week because the grandkids came and helped put it up and decorate it--it has been a tradition for years that they decorate nana's tree. Dy your tree was gorgeous the night we were there; I especially love that it hangs upside down. What is #10; start the dinner with Scott's quilt; are you planning to burn the house down. What can I get for you to include in the Packed with Pride package. I am looking so forward to the tutorial on the pillowcases. Remember you are to enjoy Christmas; take a minute and breathe.

Lisa said...

Your list is so amazing. My list goes something like this.
Finish last week in Kindergarten...
Mail presents to California....
This said, you should know that I have done no shopping, should be a bigger list next week.

Day-Day said...

Dear Dianah, I don't have your email address so this is the only way I know how to thank you for the SSCS gifts you have sent to me.The decoration is great and goes with my silver themed Christmas tree. I am going away for Christmas, both my sons live in Sydney so we visit them for the festive season, they have five boys between them so Christmas is an exciting time with all these males.I am taking your gifts with me so that I can unwrap them on the big day. Thank you so much for these gifts and I will be back in touch when I have opened them. Love from Dale in Australia