Monday, February 19, 2007

E.R. Trip

Our week has been full. We started our busy week at 1:59am waking up to Delaney and a terrible cough. I had to call the advice nurse and she said it was "the Croup, get her into a hot shower for 20 minutes and I'll call you back." The nurse called us back and listened to Poop, she said "It is now turning into Streeters. Are her lips or nails turning blue?" They weren't. So we rushed off to St. Joe's. We got to be their for almost 5 hours. The bad news was the croup came on to fast. The good news was the got her to the hospital soon enough that she did not need breathing treatments and a 2 day stay at the hospital. She is doing wonderful now.

My week has been full as usual. I went to stamp club and made a really cute wallet picture holder, I am thinking of using it as Poop's birthday thank you cards. I also figured out how to print Poop's birthday invitations. This is a big deal, my friends Nathan and Tony usually do that kind of thing for me but they moved to Texas. I thought about shipping the invitations and asking them to do them still. I also got to go on a quilt retreat to Monterey with my mom and some friends. I had a wonderful time. I finished a quilt for me, a baby blanket for Rhonda, a baby blanket to donate and I worked on a "ART" quilt that I am entering in a contest. It has to be done by Thursday, this week. Wish me luck!

Poop stayed home to babysit Scott and Jack. I really don't know who was in charge. Poop is walking a little more this week, she still prefers to crawl though. Scott has been working on finishing the window replacement. He started yesterday to case out the windows (but sills in).

We are loving Dinner My Way. We eat at home more than ever. I am looking at going back soon. The food is great for all of us. Poop loves it too.

I promise next week to have tons of pictures of what we are doing now.

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