Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday!

I was disappointed by the half time show. Like Prince doesn't have enough of his own hits he had to sing someone elses songs!?! Come on now. Half time and the last quarter is all I watched. Linda's team won.

Speaking of teams, Brian made a bet with Josh last night about their teams (baseball) winning division title. Last I heard on the bet is IF either team (Boston or Yankees) win division title the loosing couple has to wear the winning teams shirt and hat also the loosing couple has to pay for the winning couples tickets to the Glenwood crab feed in Feb of 2008. I said I would add it to this week's blog so we have a good record of it.

Delaney has had a big week. She has taken a few steps on her own. She's really not that interested though. She has also gotten her first fat lip. She was crawling in the kitchen and her arms couldn't hold her up anymore. SPLAT! went her face on the tile. Her teeth are fine, swelling is down but she still has some bruising on she lip. She likes playing with the magnets on the frig, so we may need to find her the Alphbet ones for her birthday. Also she is drinking out of a sippy cup finally!

As for me this week, not much has happened. I did cook 4 times this week, THANKS Dinner My Way. The food is wonderful. Scott is even eating the left overs. I would highly recommend everyone who eats dinner to try it out. I will be going back, actually I already have. They let you shop out of the freezer for last months leftovers. I do have a wall quilt to get done in the next few weeks for my quilt guild and some baby quilts for gifts.

Scott's last day in Sacramento will be tomorrow. He will be moving the last load of stuff to another job. After that he will bounce for job to job until they get another one for him to run.

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Nathan said...

I was listening to the radio the morning after Superbowl. Apparently Prince is need of a hip replacement from all of his dancing and prancing as a youngster. But because he's a Jehovah's Witness, he refuses to have surgery. Strange.