Sunday, February 25, 2007

One Week To Go

Can you believe it!?! Delaney will be one on Thursday! I can't believe a year has gone by already. We are preparing for her party. I have rented a bounce house and made most of the goodie bags. I still need to order the cake, get soda and balloons. We also bought an inflatable sky ball game, $7 at Target, we will see if it works. I am hoping to have her hair cut on Tuesday and pictures taken on Wednesday.

As for Delaney she is walking lots this week. She still get lazy and crawls but walking more and more everyday. She get to have shots on Thursday, so we're hoping she'll be okay for her party. She shares well with Jackson and is even learning to feed him treats.

Jack is doing good. He is up to 120 lbs. It has been two years since his accident and for the most part he is normal happy puppy. Yeah, he's still a puppy. He should stop growing at 4 years old, he's 2 now.

Scott is working back in Sunnyvale. He leaves the house around 4am and gets home around 5pm. His company did ask if he would be interested in running work somewhere south of Reno. We are hoping someone else gets to go. They would be living their and could come home on weekends. I already have lived in Reno and don't plan on moving back.

As for me, I have decided not to go fabric or craft shopping this month. With exception of the money I have but aside for the quilt show and scrapbook expo, $75 for each. I want to get 10 projects done and gone this month, without buying anything. I think I can do it. Which means the people I owe baby quilts, you should get them soon! Everyone else you will get to see the pictures.

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