Sunday, February 11, 2007

Public Servic Annoucment

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Always put children in the proper carseat and/or seatbelt. No matter how short a drive it is, everyone needs buckled up! Saturday we were driving to Turlock and ended up helping with an accident. We were around downtown Modesto on the freeway, in the pouring rain and traffic was slowing. A girl driving a Geo Storm had been cut off and lost control of her car and started spinning in the middle of traffic. A semi-truck had been slowing down but ended up hitting her car and the truck started to jackknife. Needless to say the Geo did not come out well. There was a little boy in the Geo and NO CARSEAT! we don't know if he was buckled in. David was between 2 and 3 years old. He had 2 extremly bad cuts on his forehead. One was across his forehead and the other went from his hairline down his nose and under his left eye. The Mom was in better condition, no major cuts because she had an airbag, but still not good. Scott and I helped hold David still, which took 4 adults, and stop the bleeding. The only stuffed animal I had with us was a little bird, so I tucked it in his hand as they finish strapping him down on the stretcher. We hope they are okay.

As for the rest of our week. I did make 6 quilt tops for my quilt guild philanthropy and a cute outfit for Poop. I still need to make the her a hair accessory. I also picked up my quilt from the quilter that I made New Year's day.

I have also joined an online scrapbooking book club. We read books (fiction) that are some way related to scrapbooking. We then scrap 15 4x6 notecards with our opinion on the book. Those we mail to the hostess, she swaps them out and we will get one of everyone's cards back. We'll see how it goes. I finished the first book, a mystery and the main character owns a scrapbook store. Now to scrap my review.

Me and Poop spent most of this week looking for her first birthday dress. We have learned this is a hard thing to do. The Willow Tree in Lodi was a victim of a fire in early December and wont be open until late March. Bambini's in Lincoln Center closed this last summer. Sugar 'n Spice really didn't have anything, not even Easter dresses but some Christmas clearance. I did learn that Avec Amour moved and did not close, they are now on the Mile across from the old Bull and Bear. Tammy's in Manteca goes up to a size 9 month and has a wonderful slection of upper end baby furniture. If you need a $600 stroller they have a few to choose from. The Ragamuffin in Modesto had the BEST selection of Boutique kids/baby clothes and the best prices. Scott but her a ROXY sweat outfit and I got her a capri and tank outfit for her birthday.

Poop decided this would be a good week to push Mama's limits. On Tuesday instead of taking a nap she took off her clothes, untied part of her bumper pad and pulled it down, then took off her diaper and peed on everthing, blankets, bumper pad, clothes, herself and all.

Scott this week spend an afternoon with his nieces and Poop. And on another night helped Josh install the lower cabinets in their house. A few more need to be built and then they can start the tile.

I get to go on a Quilt Retreat to Monterey this weekend and will have time to get a lot of projects done. Poop gets to watch her Dad and Jackson.

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