Monday, July 16, 2007

A Day Off

So tomorrow is my day off. I am working myself up to making a list of the things to do. I really need 3 list, one of the stuff to do tonight, one for tomorrow and a shopping list. I have made more plans for tomorrow than I have time for. We'll see what gets done.

Tonight I need to:
1. Go to Osh and buy canning jars Done
2. Go to Food 4 Less and buy small disposable loaf pans, bell peppers and apricots Done
3. Clean the kitchen for baking tomorrow Done
4. Bake Raspberry bread Done

Tomorrow I need to:
1. Pick up Natalie, my niece, to come help me bake Done
2. Clean jars and lids Done
3. Make Pepper jelly, Pomegranate jelly and Apricot Pineapple jelly 1 of 3 Done
4. Bake Banana Bread Done
5. Go to the post office
6. Get in a Weight Watchers meeting
7. Go to Sewing Done
8. Write directions and supply list for purse class Done

I think I need a nap just reading this!

1 comment:

The Sarah Bear said...

I'm tired too!! And I haven't done anything but read what YOU have to do (did). LOL!

Wait, I lied, I got to go cross one thing of my list!!