Tuesday, July 3, 2007

One Man's Trash

So I was driving home from my parents one afternoon a few weeks ago and in front of one of the houses what do I see? An Armior with a sign that says free! I promptly call my sister to tell her to go get it and if she doesn't want it I will take it. So Linda sends my dad down the street to get the free Armior. My dad loads it up and drives it home. I am sure there were some choice words for both of his daughters durring this.

Remember I said I was driving past it. Linda calls me and says she doesn't want it and it is falling apart. Great! Now I have to do something with it!

I called my dad last Friday night and asked if he could deliver my treasure to me on Saturday? So Saturday afternoon with a big smile on his face, because he was getting rid of it, my dad delivered my treasure. Unsure what I was going to do with it I had Scott put it in the garage.

Sunday while reading my friend Heather's blog, Heather this is where I need your help, I decided I am going to remodel my Studio! My Armior is being refinished, in stages, and will be going into my NEW and IMPROVED Studio!


DearGina said...

I love it!

sp52075 said...

meanwhile I have been sawing the barrel off of one of my shotguns so I could get one end in my mouth and not have to pull the trigger with my toes(just trying to ease the pain duiring this studio conversion)So heather please help me survive this ordeal I know there is going to be red somewere in the room
Love ya hun

The Sarah Bear said...

Dianah! First, we need to get an intervention going for Scott - put him on "watch" and remove all sharp objects, poisonous things that can be digested, and SAWED OFF SHOTGUNS!

Than - let's talk about the studio!!

What do you need my help with (shaking)?