Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Monday...

Let the week begin! I feel like I have more things to do than I have time for. And then there is the list of stuff I want to do that I really don't have time for. Let's see what gets done this week for each list.

Need to do...
1. Call Dinner My Way and book my birthday party Left Message Monday
2. Clean Air Hockey Table
3. Make another sample purse Done Tuesday
4. Clean Poop's Room
5. Go To Weight Watchers Done Friday
6. Pick up Giants Tickets Done Monday
7. Go to the Post Office
8. Go to Target for Linda Done Monday
9. Something with the Laundry Done Wednesday
10. Exchange at Freddy's Done Tuesday
11. Stamp Club Done Tuesday
12. Get Photo and Passport Paperwork Done Thurseday
13. Mail Appilcation for new Passport
14. Get Poop's Birth Certificate Done Thursday
15. Print Supply List for class Done Tuesday
16 Get Supply List and Samples to Sandy before Quilt Meeting Done Thursday
17. Drop off Poop's Dry Cleaning Done Thursday

Want to do...
1. Make Pepper Jelly
2. Download e-book for Shaggy Jeans Done Wednesday
3. Make Natalie a pair of Shaggy Jeans
4. Get my nails filled Done Wednesday
5. Work on my Armoir
6. Work on Birthday Invitation Designs
7. Finish and deliver gifts for friends I am behind on
8. Check out thrift store on West Lane Done Friday
9. Start Tanning again

Let the Fun Begin!!!


The Sarah Bear said...

A list of questions/comments regarding your list:

1. Is Freddy's short for Fredericks of Hollywood - ooo lala
2. Why do you need a passport, where are you going?
3. If you complete five things on list I will think you are on drugs
4. Re: Weight watchers, I am here to say you look fabulous!! DAMN GIRL, whatchew been eatin'?

AND - off the topic, can I post a picture of you and D on my site, so you can steal? It's cute :)

Dianah said...

1. Yes it's short for Frederick's of Hollywood.
2. We are going on a 4 day cruise to Mexico for my birthday at the end of August
3. I better get more than 5 done!
4. Thank you. I am about half way to where I want to be.
5. Post away. You always take great pictures.

Nathan said...

What's the deal with Dinner My Way for your birthday? Are you actually having a party while making food?

About your passport--you should be able to get the paperwork on the internet. When I renewed my passport, I just filled out the renewal form, attached my photo and old passport and mailed it in. They returned the new passport back to me. Good luck getting it by August...I know that out here they've been taking several months.