Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Delaney is saying so many words. Go! Go! Go! is one of many. She is also saying I do it! and OUT! as she pounds on the sliding glass door. She is loving the back yard. Which in turn means we are spending much more time out their. She is getting so big. She is understanding when you tell her to do something and she even does it. She loves to help with the laundry. She can climb up and go down her slide all by herself too.

For me I feel like it is GO! GO! GO! all the time. Today was my day off this week. I took Nikole to the fabric store in Modesto, R. Lily Stem, to get fabric for the purse class I am teaching at the beginning of August. I need to make one or two samples to be shown at the quilt meeting in 2 weeks. I have also been trying to get 2 quilts finished this month, not looking good. I have started on restoring the armior. I am almost finished with sanding it down. Scott needs to take the doors off for me to finish it and he is going to see what he needs to do for the repair work. I am leaning toward painting it red. I have also started to clean out the Studio so it can get painted too. Tonight I am off to take a scrapbook class. I will post pictures soon. It will be a complete girls album that just needs pictures added.

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MsLizzF said...

What purse class are you teaching and where? How come I didn't hear about it? Please let me know.