Sunday, September 23, 2007

End of A Weekend...

I have been some what productive this weekend. First of all I had the weekend off! Yeah ME! I also got in a ton of sewing time. Yeah ME! Third Nikole came to watch Poop so I could sew! Yeah ME! I also did 6 loads of laundry. Not so much fun.

I did get in a lot of sewing time though. I got step 4 done on my mystery quilt Guilty As Charged, the next step comes out on the 30th and the final step on Halloween. It has to be a complete top and turned in by 5pm on November 9th to be in the contest. Wish me luck! I also got binding and a sleeve on the quilt I had Gina quilt for me. Pretty amazing for me, I hate putting on a sleeve. Gina did wonderful hot pink feathers on it for me. And the third items I worked on was some baby stuff for Cy. I covered the edge on 3 cloth diapers for burp rags, I made a pleated ruffle and put it on a furry blanket and to complete the set I made a diaper and wipe carrier (it needs a better name).

I also got to go to Quilt In the Garden in Livermore today. I got to chat with Valerie Wells about baby stuff, say Hi to Alex Anderson and then I was in time to take quilts down form the trees. I might have pictures of that later in the week.

Scott has started the houses in West Sacramento, so this was his last weekend off for a while. Can you believe someone is actually building a house right now!!! There are two houses and they will be rentals when they are complete. We are hoping that will be around Thanksgiving.


DearGina said...

DI!! I love that set!! What a great gift!!!
Good seeing you... lets do it again:)

The Sarah Bear said...

Man - wish I had that when Sarah was little - would have looked classy with spit up on my shoulder :)