Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hump Day!

Today for most is hump day, for me it is Saturday and Sunday rolled into one. Since it is my weekend we are working on getting my Studio put back together. I have hung the sheers that will now block off the closet and started to put my books back in the bookcases.

We went to Ikea last night for new shelves and bookcases but the did not have the shelves I wanted in black. For now I am using the old ones and waiting to decided on what to do with them. I did buy and new chair for sewing. I can't wait to get it put together. It has wheels!

Since I am handling all my stuff, I really want to spend the day creating and not cleaning. I have some great projects to finish and others just waiting to be started! I can't wait! I have also found 10-15 quilt tops that are in 1 of 3 stages: needs borders, sandwiched but not quilted or waiting to go to a quilter. I wonder if I can find one. HMMMM!

The Armoir is half way to being painted. Every time I do what Scott says needs to be done before painting, he tells me there is more to be done. Example he says to sand off the shiny finish. I do that. Then he says that it needs sanded again. I do that. Now he is saying to sand it again with a finer grit. I snapped. Without yelling and providing Saturday entertainment for the neighbors, I explained that he is not communicating what really needs done. He responds that he told me to sand it. I said "I did sand it!" I then had to explain that when he told me "I need to sand it before I painted it." That I took that to mean that I need to sand it 1 time in order to paint it. I then asked "Exactly how many times and with what grit do I need to sand the armoir before I can paint it?" Now it has changed from "I need to sand it" to "I need to sand it 3 or 4 times before it can be painted." Needless to say the Armoir is not going into to Studio this week.

Update on the 21 day challenge, we made it 13 days before we ate out. Last night since we went to Ikea with our friend Joe we picked up Mc D's on the way. We will be cooking dinner at home tonight though, Peach grill Chicken and brown rice.


DearGina said...

One a month, thats all we ask....ROFL!! Sounds like youre on your way to a real masterpiece space there Woman! Come do my shop!

DearGina said...

hey! sdpeaking of Mc D's... U tried the new Angus burger yet? OMG!! i NEVER liked Mc D's??? This burger is tasty! ( not to be confused with mc nasty)