Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Feel The Pressure

All my friends have blogged today so I must. So this one is for Aunt Steph and Uncle Victor.

First for Aunt Steph the girl has more shoes than she will ever need. I think the count in her closet might come close to the count in yours. She wakes up and demands to have a pair of shoes. She has figured out how to put them on herself. The better part is she will bring you your shoes if you don't have a pair on. She is learning how to throw the perfect fit. We have taught her that she must kick her legs as she screams at us. If she is standing she stomps her feet. But sometimes the fit calls for it she throws herself to the ground and kick her legs. We are encouraging her to pound her arms too, she hasn't caught on yet.

Uncle Victor she is becoming quite the foodie. She goes to the fridge for Sheese(cheese) constantly. She even does the "Happy Sheese Dance" while you get it out for her. Cheese is one of her favorite foods. She loves biscuits too, we have to stop her at 2. She will eat almost anything. Roast beef lunch meat is the ONE thing we have found she wont eat. She loves veggies, fruit, and nuts. You now have another one for Starbuck's in the morning. That is an Aunt Linda thing not the Mom's.

While typing this Poop also found a stick of butter that I am bringing to room temp to bake with and started eating just butter. She ran from the kitchen so I couldn't get it off her fingers. At least Grandma Delaney had a slice of Genova with her stick of butter.

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The Sarah Bear said...

OH MY GOSH! Sarah is right on track then! She too has mastered fits. Even added a few of her own personal touches, like saying very adamantly... "I DON'T WANT TO RIGHT NOW!" Yea, she says that to EVERYTHING! It is perfectly annoying!

Glad to see all our kids are so advanced! And such quick learners!