Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We're Back!

I had a wonderful birthday. I got to have dinner per-party with Diana and Margie. Then 12 of us went to Dinner My Way to do some meal prep. We had a blast! In fact we had so much fun some of us are going back on the 28th.

We had a great time on the cruise. Before we even made it out of Long Beach the guys were asking "When are we going again?" I asked if we could make it out of LA before setting a date. We are planning to go again next year. So all of you who said "I wish we could go" start saving up! We are leaning toward summer, pre hurricane season. I really would like to enjoy the pool on my fifth cruise! By the way all of you with small children the Ocean Adventure Club is for 3 and up also the price for the cruise is the same for kids and adults. Poop will be staying home again.

Speaking of Poop she is 18 months now. Man where did the time go? She is getting more teeth, like she didn't have enough to bite me with already. She talks lots now, we can even understand some of it. She can bark like a dog and is learning to say moo. She is very tall. We have her check up in a few weeks so we'll see where she is comparred to other kids. I will get her pictures done soon I promise.

Now for the Studio update...it is in progress. No, really I am trying to have everything out by Thursday, my next day off. That way we can start painting and get trim installed this weekend. Everything has to be in the room by the 14th. That way our guest can come into the house instead of hanging out in the front yard. I promise pictures soon.

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