Sunday, March 9, 2008

Crafty A$$ Weekend

I have been busy putting the finishing touches on stuff this weekend. First, Friday I finished an UFO. Very Exciting for me! I finished my MEME doll. She is the second doll in a pair of dolls I was making from a Sally Lampi class I took 4-5 years ago.

I also have a few swaps that I have finished. I made a few scrapbook pages for them. The first is for a Circle Journal I am doing and the them is Recipes. I shared 6 slow cooker recipes and My Brownie recipe. The recipe cards slide into the red pocket and the brownie recipe goes into the file folder.

I have also worked on 3 set of 8x8 Layouts for another swap. I won this stamp set last summer from Paper Crafts Magazine's Blog, it is Happy Camper from Stampin' Up. I had a lot of fun creating these. I hope she likes them!

Now I have started enhancing a pair of Chuck's (All Stars or Converse). You can bet Chuck Taylor never thought of this one! As soon as I have Poop's done I will post a picture.

Speaking of Poop where is she?

It's Poop in a Box. This is actually the bamboo trunk in MY living room. I use it as a table and store my quilts in it. Poop has cleared everything off the top and uses it to hide in. She will ask us to shut the top on her.

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