Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two In One Day!!!

I am shocked at myself. I got 2 UFO's done in ONE day. I finished Laney's PJ's that I started last September and I finished her new Big Girl Bed Duvet Cover. The PJ's needed button holes and buttons, I was worried they might not fit. The Duvet needed a lot more. She loved the new Duvet. When I put it on her bed to show her she said "OH WOW!" She climbed right in. After her showie she put on her new jammies and went right into her Big Girl Bed. This is only the second time this week that we have not had to fight her to go to bed in it.


mspiggy7 said...

Love laney"s new PJ's & Big Girl bed. She is soooo adorable. Glad she likes her new bed now.

MsLizzF said...

What a cute bed and the cover turned out nice. Maybe now she'll go to bed every night and that problem will be solved. Laney look so cute.

Anonymous said...

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