Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good News!

So as you know we have been working on ways to better insulate the house and become more energy efficient. We have insulated the all the exterior walls and put in dual pain windows. We have installed 2 heater ceiling fans, Scott's living room and our bedroom. Scott has insulated about half of the flooring. And we have been trying to remember (Scott) to turn off lights. We our work has paid off. We got the new PG&E bill, it has gone from $390 to $170!!! We can now afford to by Kraft Mac & Cheese instead of just Top Ramen. LOL

For those of you in other parts of the country PG&E stands for Pacific Gas and Electric, they are our only choice to supply energy to our home.

Gina, since I missed you last night, you should have some spare change in your mail on Monday or Tuesday. I am glad to see you are getting out to visit and share with us. I miss you.

H, the count down is on. Come back around 3pm. I should have something for you then.

Ang, when are you coming through? I work better under pressure. Wednesday?

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