Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MM "KIds Speak"

Okay this weeks late topic is Kids say the darnedest things. Great mines not really talking.

Right now the one we have been stuck on is "P U Daddy P U." Now depending on who she is talking to the P U can change. The good thing is she knows when she is P U. The bad thing is, while out shopping, I asked "Delaney P U?" She said "No, Caca mom mom caca." First it wasn't that cute, second yes I am 2 mom's.

She also has a few phrases that she uses. Some of them are "Dude, Cool, Groovy,OH No!, Allll Riiight, and Whoa Dude." We are working on more but since she turned 2 three weeks ago we are doing good.

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