Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Something for Everyone

Good Morning Sandy! It must be about 7:05am and you should be at your desk. Glad you are starting your day with us.

Pa, you should be proud. While driving home from mom's Wednesday night, Delaney was NOT in the car, some idiot in a Honda tried to beat me off the line. I WON! You were afraid I was getting to old to drive fast. I may have gone from a sports car to a mom car but I can still DRIVE.

H, I NEED HELP!!! I want to video Poop singing, I can have Scott help with that part, I need your help doing a You Tube thing and getting it on my blog. Also H, stay tuned Thursday and Friday I will be posting something for you SPECIAL.

Mum Whimsy, Can you pee on a tree Thursday 5-ish?

Nathan, how did your kids do coming back form Spring Break? Have you recovered yet? I can't wait for you to be here in 2 weeks. I know I will only see you for a minute.

Aunt Steph, crystals have been ordered and should be here by Monday. The ribbon has already arrived. I am hoping to have them done when you come through next week.

For those of you who didn't know last Saturday, the 15th, was National Quilting day. No Hallmark doesn't make a card for this. I did get some time to sew. I made 5 blocks for a UFO and then decided that I wanted some mindless sewing. I pieced the center and set all but the last row this weekend. Today I finished it. I know I said I didn't want to add anymore projects BUT this one was 80% from my scraps! The red and orange I cut fro yardage and the black and white stripe was left overs from another project, 1/2 yard which was just enough for the borders. I didn't know when I started it who it would be for. Saturday night I check the Paper Crafts Message Board and a lady I swap with just found out that she is going to be a first time Grandma! So when it is finished next week it will be headed to Patty in Tacoma.


DearGina said...

WHY didnt you ask me anything? WHO is Patty in Tacoma? And make a youtube account, and follow the directions for uploading your movie film from your personal camera:)
Trying to get some normal stuff going.

The Sarah Bear said...

For me?!?!!? YEA YEA YEA YEA.. I will be watching, closely, both eyes, wide open!

YouTube - it's easy - I will do whatever you need me to. you can send me the video or I can walk you through it! Can't wait to see her... is she singing John Mayer?