Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are You Ready???

With Christmas just a week away are you ready for it? I am not. I am feeling better about getting done though.

Today I finished another purse and 2 pillow cases. I still have 12 Grocery bags to sew. Then my sewing will be done.

I need to make 72 more Christmas cards, address 110 cards and mail them. The Goal is to have them out in the last pick up Saturday.

Then to start the baking!

I only have 2 gifts to buy, my dad (the hardest one) and a big girl mattress/box spring for Delaney. We are converting her toddler bed to a full size. Man I love Life Time furniture!

So what do you have left? What have you given up on? How much more shopping do you need to do?

1 comment:

Dave said...

Liz has shopping. I have to work work work! I did play santa last night a and my daughter was not to happy about it!