Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where Has The Time Gone?

Only 3 days left of this year! Thank you God!!! I know I am not the only one who feels that way. Also only 362 days until Christmas! WOW so soon?

So we are recovering from our holiday celebrations, the decorations will come down on Tuesday, my next day off. And toys will be sorted, some have to go to make room for the ones Santa left. Can you say TRAIN SET!!!

I am prepping for my New Year's Day Quiltathon. I have for many years spent New Year's Day by going to the R Lily Sale, coming home to pre wash my fabric and then cutting and completing a quilt top that day. Nothing hard, usually squares and stripe piecing. This year my plan is a little different. I am going to miss going to R Lily, which I have missed greatly all year. I have to work in the morning but I still plan on sewing. I am actually spending this week cutting 3 quilt tops to be worked on New Year's Day. I am hoping to be productive.

I am still thinking up some Resolutions that I might keep and that will fit in with my life. I am excited to be apart of Judy's Stash Busting. My goal is 104 yards, only 2 yards a week. My progress will be charted on my Stash & Scrap Blog. I am also excited to be apart of the Black and White Quilt Challenge. I have some big sewing plans this year.


whimzeestitches said...

Happy New Year, well soon enough! Good luck on the stash busting and hope you have a very productive New Year's day - wish I was home to join in you in a day-long quiltathon - that would be so much fun but i'm sure there will be another quiltathon coming along some day soon.

Lisa said...

I am also happy this year is going to end soon. I am also looking forward to sewing on New Years Day, which I started with your mom. Will miss her, maybe next year.