Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Easy Way...

I still have a few things left to buy before tomorrow night. Of course I can't do things the easy way and delegate, NO ONE will answer the phone or call me back, MOM and Scott! The kicker is everywhere I need to go is in opposite directions!

I need to hit Target, out north. I need the mall, center of town. I need the movie theatre, Down town. The pharmacy, East side. If I was lucky the quilt shop in Manteca. Oh and I need to figure out what kind of dessert I am making for tomorrow and hit a grocery store, yeah I just left the one I was working at today.

I was hoping I could get my mom to go to the theatre and Scott to go to Target. NO!!! No one in my family will answer the phone! So I am off like a prom dress.

Maybe I will hit JoAnn's since I am going that way. Sees is at the mall. And Starbucks is next to the theatre. And if I am lucky the store by the pharmacy will be grilling Tri Tip and I can get a sandwich for lunch. I might as well get something for me while I am out.

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