Sunday, December 14, 2008

Full Weekend!

Friday brought Ang to our door. I got to spend the afternoon shopping and talking with her. We thought about going out Friday night but as 9pm neared we were too tired to get ready to go. So off to bed we went.

Saturday was a pancake breakfast with Santa for my niece's class fund raiser. Delaney had a blast. She even got within touching distance of Santa without screaming like a loon. We are waiting pictures from Other Mom, Linda. I still needed to make 2 pairs of Christmas PJ's for the Train trip in the afternoon. Ang headed to Truckee to go to ski school training thing. I head to H's house to drop off the rest of the PJ's. At 3pm we head out for Old Sacramento to ride on the Polar Express! We had a wonderful evening with the Waddle and Mompean families on the train ride and pizza dinner. As we left Pizza me and Scott stopped at Evangeline's to do a little shopping and head over to Ikea. We soon learned that Ikea closes at 8pm EVERYDAY we arrived at 8:11pm. Guess I am making another trip.

Sunday has been spent may ways. First the internet, blog surfing and e-mailing. Second I made my niece Nikole's Christmas gift. Now I will be working on Christmas Cards and then back to some sewing.

Today is also the celebration of my friend Heather's birth! Happy Birthday Heather!!! We will be getting together later in the month to celebrate just the girls today she is celebrating with her family.

As you can tell I have no pictures. I did take a camera with me this weekend but it was dead. Of course I didn't take the Kodak that I could buy 2 AA's for I took the dead Sony that needed to be charged! So as I get pictures from the friends of the curse I will post them for you.

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