Monday, December 8, 2008

A Curse and A Blessing

I got to say it can be a curse and a blessing to have friends. I have some amazing friends who know my talents and my weakness, encourage me, support me, help me, and listen to me. WOW what great qualities to have in a friend. It is truly a blessing to have them in my life. Without them I would not have tried new adventures.

The curse comes with them knowing my talents. This coming weekend we are all headed to Old Sacramento to ride on the train. We were sitting around coffee last week talking what pj's the kids will be wearing. One of them pipes up and says "Dianah will probably whip something cute up for Delaney." CRAP!!! I was going to run to Costco and great her a Carter's sleeper. Now what?!?

This past weekend I was at JoAnn's and Christmas flannel was on sale $1.99 per a yard. DOUBLE CRAP!!! For the two of you Delaney will have Christmas flannel pj's made by mom this weekend.

Now here is the catch in this I know your talents too! So Sunday morning I will be checking both your blogs for pictures from the train ride. We all know that 1) I most likely wont remember to bring my Easy Share Kodak, 2) if I do bring it I will maybe only take 1 or 2 pictures, 3) they will be trapped in the camera for a while and 4) between the two of you and your husbands you will have beautiful cameras and will be clicking away! And speaking of your talents I really would love a new winter blog header maybe with a family photo.

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Waddle Whimsy said...

Woman, it wasn't a double dog dare!

Even if you went to Costco and picked up a sleeper for Delaney that is still considered "whip something cute up".

You are totally loved, and you make me laugh!

Pictures will absolutely be there for you!