Monday, May 11, 2009

Done With Vacation!

This has been the most odd vacation I have ever taken. I didn't get as much done as I wanted too either.

Wednesday was spent running around town getting things done. Which included ordering a new cell phone since the screen completely broke on mine. If you were the person who sent me a text this last weekend, I can't read it. Also if you are waiting for me to call you, your number is trapped in the phone. Also Nikki came over to help me around the house. Somehow it took 2 hours to get Scott's ring cleaned, dinner at Elephant Bar and drop off a set of keys.

Thursday we were to leave on vacation at noon, we left by 2pm. I can't even remember all of the hold ups. I do know that I had the second load of laundry in by 8:30am and we were out the door. Delaney wanted bagels and cheese for breakfast so into town we went. We had to make a stop at Target to buy a new wallet. Before we left our house I did get some very exciting news on our house but was told I have to wait until this week to get the details. On the way to my parents we had to drop off a movie for Alli at Pa's. After getting my parents we had to come back home for Delaney's meds. And we're off!

Friday we did some shopping and drove up the coast and into San Luis Obispo. First stop was the quilt shop in Arroyo Grande, which was a HUGE challenge to get to since they were doing road construction. I did manage to buy the new Irish Quilters Magazine! We hit the outlet mall in Pismo Beach. I scored some great deals at Gymboree and Carter's and my mom found some stuff at the kitchen store. Next stop was the beach. We cruised on up to SLO to use the bathroom at Mc D's. Then it was back to the Creation Station in Buellton. IF you have not stopped by this shop you are missing out! It is nothing like their booth at shows, it is sooo much better. My mom was suprised. I wish it was closer to Stockton. I got some fun stuff. Back to the timeshare we went for swimming, naps and pizza.

Saturday was the Deja Vu Rendezvous Cruise which was the whole purpose of our weekend. Me and Delaney set off at 8:30am to meet up with the Nor-Cal and So-Cal. We cruise all over the area, about 100 miles, all in beautiful weather. We got within a few miles of Santa Barbara. We ended the cruise with pizza and shopping in Solvang.

Sunday was packing and driving home. With another quick stop at the Creation Station for some more fabric I couldn't live without. And mom needing to stop back at the kitchen store in Pismo for a crock pot. With that we were headed home. I made it back to my house by 6pm!

The ending of our vacation is sad, one of the men in our group went out for a drive on Saturday night in his HHR. From what I know he took a curve to fast about 8pm, rolled his car and was ejected. He was medi-flighted to San Barbara with no ID. It took hours for someone to notify his wife at the hotel. He past away on Sunday evening. We were with him, shopping in Solvang, at 5:30pm. I am glad I had the chance to meet him and spend the day visiting. I am so sorry for his wife and family.


Kritta22 said...

WOw! What an adventure!

I'm sorry for that family.

But I'm glad you had a good time!

Deanna said...

sorry to hear about the bad ending to the trip.

Gina said...

Sorry we couldnt visit!