Friday, May 22, 2009

What Are Your Plans? UPDATE

Okay, I know people are stopping by here to read so I am going to give something away! Here is the deal you have to leave a comment here on "What Are Your Plans" for this long holiday weekend! Your comment needs to be posted by 11:59 pm Monday PST.

I am winging this so I will come up with a cool prize by Sunday night. Something made by me! So far my camera is still broken so I will see what I can do for a picture for you later.

My plans for the weekend are simple.
1. Shopping at JoAnn's DONE
2. Finish catching up on 9 patch blocks DONE
3. Finish and mail Bee Inspired blocks
4. BBQ Saturday with my family DONE
5. Make a Christmas Stocking (or two) for Etsy 1 DONE
6. Coffee Stain American Ann DONE
7. Work on Monday (Love that double time!) DONE
8. Case a card my sister has
9. Finish the mending (2 things to go) DONE
10. Make Prize DONE

Okay it's your turn!


Lisa said...

Okay, here is my plan
1. Shopping at Hancocks -- thread is 50% off this weekend.
2. Saturday wash and lawn.
3. Make bags for graduation presents.
4. Get Scotts graduation party taken care of.
5. Go to Nat-so-pah for swimming a picnic on Monday.

Kritta22 said...

You are so fun!

Let's see my list:
1.Finish Bee Inspired block x2
2.Quilt Log Cabin
3.Finish blocks for snowball quilt
4. Finish another Bee block
5. Pack 4 boxes
6. Play with Connor...go to at least one park.
7.Write my talk for church

My hubby is out hunting so I think I can do it!

Good luck on your list!

sew rosey said...

My List:

1 Mow my Mom's lawn
2 Visit with Mom
3 Hang out with grandson Diego and granddaughter Lidia
4 Putz with garden
5 Practice machine quilting
6 Cruise fabric stores for needs and wants
7 Watch a movie or 2

barb w said...

1. Work at Weight Watchers
2. Tea at the Silver Teapot
3. Finish Secret Pal Gifts
4. Walk 2 miles
5. Visit Ladybugs
6. Take Mom for Blood Test
7. Breakfast with Mom
8. Order 2 new Ironing board covers for Tuesday Philantrophy group
9. Work on Scrap Theraphy quilt
10.Attend Memorial Day Celebration
11.Bathe cat and then bandage my wounds
12.Walt 3 miles to prepare for 5k
13.Make sure all task completed because Dianah will ask!

Sandra H said...

My plans for the weekend are:
1) Take dogs for 2 mile walk every morning
2) Start trimming Japanese Maple tree
(That takes me several days - allergies)
3) Pick up in back yard (dog stuff)
4) Baste Palm Tree quilt
5) Take mom shopping
6) Defrost big freezer
7) Clean house and dust
8) Laundry (yuk!)
9) Go to the movies and see Angels and Demons
10) Start quilting Palm Tree quilt
11) Finish rooshed roses and attach to Cross quilt
12) Get ready for work on tuesday
(another yuk!)

Sandra H said...

Mow Front Lawn, Done
Help Sandy with trimming a tree. Inprogress.
Take a nap, Done
Watch Nationwide race, Done

Get up early, their is 1100 miles of racing today. Done
Pickup Ice for Freezer defrosting, Done
Defrost garage freezer, Done
Watch 500 miles of Indy 500, way to go Helio!! Done.
Get ready to watch the next 600 miles of NASCAR. Done

Start watching the pre-race, it is raining and they have a delay. Wait 3 hours to find out that the race has been delayed to Monday because of the rain. My schedule for the rest of Monday is now hosed.


sew rosey said...


1 Mow my Mom's lawn- done
2 Visit with Mom- done-and will see her some more in next few days
3 Hang out with grandson Diego and granddaughter Lidia- done
4 Putz with garden- in progress, never done
5 Practice machine quilting
6 Cruise fabric stores for needs and wants- in progress, Hancocks has McCalls patterns for 88 cents, and Vogue patterns for $3.88 through Monday
7 Watch a movie or 2- watched Beverly Hills Chiawawa today

Sandra H said...

Went and saw Angels and Demons...
Very powerful movie. I look to see this moving walking away with trophies.

Trimmed more of the J. maple. Still not done. Maybe next weekend. I need wings to assist me with the top of the tree. My arms and legs are just not long enough.

Never did any machine quilting. I wonder what's wrong here.

Started cutting 2.5" strips for 9 patches. I have a lot of catching up to do.

barb w said...

Did all but attend Memorial celebration and walk 3 miles. Sickness set in and messed up my plans.

Lisa said...

I got everything done and made two batches of jam. With Wes on crutches, it has been a very long weekend.

Lue-Anne said...

My whole family started the week out sick so not all the plans were completed. Thursday camping was cancelled. Friday we went camping on the Delta Loop. Met up with several ladies quilting for the entire week-end. We made sure that the girls went swimming every single day. The guys watched indy race on a flat screen outside one of the rigs. Unfortunatley the Coca-Cola was postponed until Monday. Saturday all the ladies from three camp sites went on a road trip to the Antioch JoAnn's. Then it was back to my fifth wheel. You should have seen it we had 3 featherweights at the table, a cutting area and an ironing board set up. We were sewing until 3am. We had Completed my Secret Pal gifts in the quilt quilde. Amber also worked on her Secret Pal qifts. I completed on Purse. Amber completed a Purse. Renee completed a purse and Debbie finished a Large Tote Bag. One of the ladies was bidding on ebay on a few featherweights. She finally won one on Sunday evening. Now we are finally back home getting ready for work and school.