Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vacation Day 2

I can honestly say this is not my "NORMAL" way of taking a vacation from work. I usually travel somewhere cool to have a real good time. This vacation not so much.

Yesterday was my first official day of vacation. It started off with Delaney having an ear infection. We got an appointment with her ENT. Did the grocery shopping. Then to the ENT appointment, which we found out it was a "really bad" infection. Then to drop off the prescription at WalGreens and to kill an hour at JoAnn's. Back to WalGreens, where after waiting in line at the drive up window the chic who was working the window and I have the following conversation:

Her"the antibiotic will be $95, do you want it?"
Me "How much did my insurance pay?"
Her "Oh, did you want me to check your insurance?"
Me "YEA!"
Her "Well that is going to take a while can you come back in an hour?"
I put the truck in park and turn it off.
Me "NO!"
Her "There is a line and it is going to take awhile."
Me "I already waited my hour, you didn't bother to check my insurance for coverage."

She comes back after a few, very few, minutes and guess what my insurance covers the antibiotic! $20 co-pay, it doesn't come in generic for $5. Home we go.

Day 2 of vacation: I get to go to Tuesday sewing. Debbie teaches me and a few others how to oil and lube our Featherweight machines. I am good to go to sew. I start to sew stars onto my quilt. Working like a dream! Clunk. HUH! I unthread the top and take out my quilt. GREAT! I got thread stuck behind the bobbin housing! Which is lesson 2 on Featherweight care. Delaney fell asleep on the way home so I sewed on a few more stars. Now for this pattern each row you sew on 12 stars, I got 9 sewn on before I ran out of bobbin thread and Delaney woke up. Since I wasn't going to wind my third bobbin of the day I started to paint Americana Ana. She will be ready for show next week I hope! Since I enjoy painting so much, NOT! next was cleaning the bathrooms.

Man what is in store for Day 3!


Kritta22 said...

Yeah for vacations....or maybe not, in your case!

Sorry about your munchkin's ear infection..ever fun!

I totally sew too, until I run out of thread or Connor wakes up!

Lisa said...

This sounds like one of my vacations.

Deanna said...

just think if you were dealing with that on top of having to work!

i know the waiting in line with a sick kid at the doctor, then walgreens story! i dealt with streap on new years eve and i felt like it was kind of the same deal.....doesn't the pharmacy realize that we have a sick kid waiting and they are miserable?

anyway....hope your vac gets better and your little one is feeling good soon!