Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

Happy Birthday Scott! Someone broke into your car last night! I am SO not kidding.

Today is Scott's 34th birthday! He will be celebrating in 112 degree heat at Camp Liberty Iraq, yea the one with the shooting last week. We will be having cupcakes from Raley's and Scott's favorite Taco Casserole. Thanks to our many family and friends he has received more than a dozen birthday cards, more are still coming, and a few packages.

Scott has been doing a lot of repair work mostly since he has been in Iraq. He will be up for his first leave at the end of June and will be headed home for 10 days. Once he is home he will still be doing a lot of repair work, mixed in with the annual Andy's 4th of July party and a Giants game before going back to Iraq.

Now onto the HHR, I have been parking it on the street in front of our house so it wouldn't be hidden in the driveway by the Suburban. This morning I came out of the house and both passenger side doors were wide open and all doors were unlocked. From what I can tell nothing is missing and no damage was done. Tonight my parents are picking it up and taking it to their house until I need it. I will then go swap my truck for Scott's car. I guess we know why Stockton ranked number 5 in the nation for crime.

Last but not least Happy Birthday to Kymn! I hope you are having an enjoyable day and preparing for a wonderful weekend in Vegas!

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The Sarah Bear said...

Happy Happy Happppppppyyyyy
Happy Happy Happppppppyyyyy

Happy Happy Happpppppppppyyyyy

Happy Birthday Scott! :)

and mannnnnyyyy more :)