Friday, May 15, 2009

For Liz

Many of you know my friend Liz Faria past away last December. She worked for the California Dairy Campaign, loved cows and lived on a dairy. This is for her. I am sure she would be proud.

Today we were shopping at Target, yeah I know again! I decided I might not get the grocery shopping done today so I would pick up a few things their. One of the things I needed was a half gallon of milk, mine expires today. So I reach into the dairy case to grab a half gallon of Vitamin D Whole Milk. My ever so helpful 3 year old Delaney says "Mom, We need the California kind. Mom, not the other kind the California kind." For those of you who don't buy milk at Target they have 2 brands the Target brand or Producers. Thank GOD Producers is Real California Milk. Delaney was still insistent that we get the California kind after I grabbed the Producers milk. I had to stop and show her the "Real California Milk" seal on the label with the cow on it.

Thank the lord for talking cows! Wonder how much they make per a commercial?

*For those of you who don't live in California, for a few years the Dairy Council have had an Ad Campaign that feature 2 cow that talk.

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