Thursday, October 11, 2007


Small steps and you get stuff done! I have been working on the Pocket Full of Posies Quilt since last March. It did get put on the UFO list. Tonight I finished putting on the top and bottom border. It has taken a lot of time to motivate me to piece the border. It is now waiting for me to go to PIQF to buy the perfect piece of orange and pink Valorie Wells flannel from the Stichin' Post. This way I can sandwich it and start the freemotion quilting on it. (I do small stuff on my own.) I also have another UFO out being quilted by Gina. It will be amazing 2 UFO's done in 1 month! Accomplishment.

I have been reflecting this week on my New Year's Resolution's. Trying to remember what they all were, how many I have finished and what I can still get done. I have gotten 7 cleaning projects done around the house, my goal was one a month. We have been cooking at home a few times a week 3-5, my goal was cooking once a week. *The exception was September we cooked at home 27 out of 30 days!* I have made 5 quilts for philanthropy, goal was one a month. My goal was to finish one UFO a month, I know of 1 that is completely finished. Here's the funny part when the computer crashed they couldn't retrieve the UFO list from Word. So I might have finished more and not know they were on the list! LOL Last was to read some classics. I have bought a few but have cut out most of my reading time, something about a kid and job. I know I will not Accomplish all of my goals. BUT I am telling myself that I set these goals not knowing I would be returning to work this year and telling myself that Poop would still be sleeping 16 to 18 hours a day. Both of those factors have changed.

What have you Accomplished this year? I am off to get my copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespear and to start writing my New UFO List.

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