Monday, October 22, 2007

Quilter's Cry For HELP!

Okay here we go. I am wanting to make Poop an I-Spy Quilt. I am in need of 5 inch squares of Novelty Fabrics, I am thinking around 90 squares. If anyone has a square (or more) that they would be willing to part with PLEASE let me know. I am hoping to piece the top as my New Year's Day Quilt project.

Please note I am NOT making the traditional octagon I-Spy quilt, I do have the template though. I am making Liz's last Mystery Class Quilt, scroll down to "What's Black, White and Red All Over." i am hoping to get to be big enough o fit her full size big girl bed.

Thanks Everyone!


DearGina said...

Hey, count me in for some! But.... Im confused? Novelty fabrics? Or black white red fabrics? Lemme know!

MsLizzF said...

I have some for you too....I know I have some cow fabric I can cut up. This will be fun....going through my fabric.