Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sometimes I wonder...

Do you ever wonder how your mates mind works? Do you ever just look at them and think or say out loud "where the hell did you get that from?" I live with Scott so that should just end this blog but I will go on...

His mind works like NO ONE elses. Tonight Delaney and him walked down the hallway, as they got to the end she stopped at the light switch, pointed at the switch and made a noise. Now I figure when she does this she wants to turn it out. Scott has no clue what this all means so asks me. I tell him "she wants to turn it out." Scott stands there and looks at Poop while she jumps with her arm in the air to turn off the light. Important facts here Poop is about 30 inches tall, light switch is 48 inches from the floor, and Poop can only jump an inch off the floor. I said "she might need some help." Scott says "I thought she could do it herself." Me "you really think she is going to jump high enough to turn it off? PICK HER UP!!!!"

Now I realize this is the same person who thinks it is easier to install my ceiling fan with live electricity because when it zaps you you know your doing it right. The one who poured a half bottle of bubble bath into the tub and turned on the jets and didn't think the bubbles would get taller than the small children. The same one who has shot himself with a nail gun numerous times, removed them all with a nail puller and didn't think a tetanus shot might be needed. Also who thinks a 2 foot long 4x4 is a chew toy for the dog.

The photo is of us on the cruise. I'm in the background enjoying the sun at the pool. Joe is standing behind Scott and Scott is wearing his BJ's t-shirt.

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