Friday, October 19, 2007


As some of you know we have Scott's company's annual Halloween Party coming up in a week. We look forward to going every year. The part we don't look forward to is coming up with a costume. Today is my only day off until the party, of course I have not spent it coming up with a costume. This year the party is back in San Francisco on Van Ness. We have our room. I have the time off work. We have no clue for a costume. How about tired parents?

The other kicker is I have not had time to get out the Halloween decorations. Besides the house not being decorated I have not found Poop's costume. I purchased it last year and packed it away. It is still away! I have bought her some accessories for it. I guess this weekend will be spent getting ready for Halloween.

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The Sarah Bear said...

Ya know.... I actually think "Tired Parents" could be a super cute idea. :)

I am so jealous! Where on Van Ness - we will crash it. We will be in costume, nobody will know, we will just ask "Hey, anyone see Scott around here" so they think we must belong!