Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Plans

So I have made many plans for myself for Labor Day. None of which include going into Labor, please keep your fingers crossed. It isn't looking good for October 1st at 7:30am. She might be early.

First is heading down to Manteca. We are going to hit K-Mart, you guessed it check for clearance Leap Frog Tag Books. Then we are going to the sale at Ladybug's Quilts. I have 9 or 10 bags of stuff to drop off for the families who's homes were destroyed in the apprehension of the suspected bank robbers on Friday. I also need 2 yards of a Black and White print to make Nu Bebe a crib sheet and I need a few 1/4 yard cuts for my red and aqua disappearing 9-patch swap.

Did you catch that? Yes I joined another swap. The Frankie's, Ghost's and 9-Patches are ready to mail for my Halloween Swap. They were supposed to go yesterday but do to a Postal conflict they are headed out 2 Day Mail on Tuesday morning. As for the new swap I joined Jane's Red and Aqua Disappearing 9-Patch Swap. It is going to be tons of fun. I even made 8 of my 25 9- patch blocks tonight. I am now out of Aqua but have cut some more Red so I will be ready to sew tomorrow. If you have ever thought about making a Red and Aqua quilt or a Disappearing 9-Patch quilt this is the swap for you. You shop click on over to Jane's and join. As of Saturday she had 43 of the 100 spots filled. Also she is only taking sign ups until Tuesday, even if the 100 spots aren't filled.

After leaving Manteca we are headed to Modesto to go to Beverly's. They seem to have a better fabric selection than Stockton. I am looking for car fabric to make a quilt for the HHR club. The So-Cal group has an annual show at Tom's Farm and a bunch of Nor-Cal members are going down. Scott and I have not finalized our plans on going yet. For some crazy reason I volunteered to make a raffle basket. I have a picnic basket and some stuff for it but I was thinking of making a quilt to go with it. I really have NOTHING going on between now and Oct 24th. LOL!!! We may decided to brave the Modesto Mall after that too.

Once we get home I need to clean some more and sew. What are your plans for Labor Day?


Sandra H said...

Well, lets see...I need to wash my two dogs, drop off several bags at ladybugs for the families, shop for a new area rug for the sewing room, vacuum/dust, prep for lunches for work, I think this is enough. Oh yeh, I want to finish my Christmas gifts for my friends.

Lisa said...

I have already gone to Twin to buy thread at half price. I am going to finish the quilting on my 110 x 110 today and take it off the frame:) I also have a problem with some Ohio Star blocks, and I need to fix those and we are having friends over for dinner, so at some point I will have to cook. Have a good one where ever you are!

barb w said...

I plan to donate stuff at Ladybugs, pick up my quilt, think about putting on the borders, and cutting a few kits for philantrophy.

Kritta22 said...

Hey hot stuff!
So I was wondering if you wanted to still trade with me...pumpkins, for the Halloween swap.
I didn't get my bum in gear to make the Sept deadline. But life is settled now.

Let me know if you wanna.

How are you doing?