Friday, September 25, 2009

I am so EXCITED!!!

Some of you may remember the piece of shit that broke my truck window a week before Christmas back in 2007. If not here is the story. Some of you may even remember when I was to go to court and the piece of shit was declared incompetent back in May 2008. If not here is that story. And the next piece of the story you may remember came in September 2008 he plead guilty. If not here is the third installment of the story. What I learned after the third installment is he got picked up on something else and had to plead guilty to my charges.

Which brings us to current day. Today I got to my mailbox and there is a check from the County Controllers office. I can't think of a reason that the controller would be sending me money. I open it up and it is for $25. Cool. Then I see it is the first payment of restitution for my truck window! I thought I would never see a penny of that money. Only 19 more payments!


Bonnie said...

Congratulations -- it may take him 19 years to get it paid back to you; don't you get some kind of interest on this. How are you doing otherwise--still on for October 1. Take care of yourself and I have been thinking of you. Don't see anymore updates for the baby's sewing list; how is that going?

Dave said...

I do remember the story and all I can say is VERY COOL! Oct 1st? That is Liz's birthday!