Thursday, September 3, 2009

What A Day!

Delaney woke up at 7:45am today, I am used to her 9:30am. I get so much done in that time without her. Plus I KNOW what shows come on at 9:30am not 7:45am. She wasn't understanding that her shows were running late today.

I woke up this morning not being able to use my left arm. I have some nerve damage from a pic line IV that was put in 4 years ago. Most of the time is no problem. Then there are days that knock you on your ass. Today is one of those days. I am hoping to be much better tomorrow.

The shoulder issue has set back my day! I stayed at home. Helping Delaney get dressed and in and out of my truck was out of the question. I needed to get to the post office. That has now been moved to the stuff that must be done on Friday. I have finished the Frankie Blocks for the Halloween Swap. The Ghosts and Frankies will be headed to Jane tomorrow. I have also added the photos to the Duvet Tutorial. My August Block Lotto blocks are packaged up and ready to ship tomorrow too. I also started Saturday's Sewing For Baby Tutorial, this week it is a mobile. I am pushing myself to get it done!

As for tomorrow, I need to be at JoAnn's early to pick up a pattern that is going on sale. When I was their earlier this week they only had 1 in the size I need. It is a Bloomer pattern for Sarah's Halloween costume. She is going to be Alice in Wonderland. H - I need a few measurements, I hope to start this weekend! We also need to hit Target. I am trying to stock up on 2 months worth on stuff. Good thing I drive a Suburban! I am also trying to hit Dinner's My Way to grab a few things.

Any big plans for this weekend? The last 3 day weekend of summer. Me no! Shopping Monday in Modesto that's all. Check back this weekend for a few things Saturday will be Sew For Baby Link to the Tutorial and Monday is the deadline for 10 peoples UFO projects.

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