Monday, August 31, 2009

Today Is The Day!!!

It has been 3 weeks since I put the pickles in a cool dark place, in my closet with a towel over them. I put a jar in the frig this morning to get them chilled. I have just opened the first jar. They are SO GOOD! I am glad I have 17 jars still in the closet, the first one is almost gone.

I will answer a question I got about the pickles. Some say their pickles turn out soft instead of having a crunch, I learned that you need to slice the pickles and then soak them in lime and water for 24 hours. After the 24 hours you rinse them, soak them in clean water for an hour and repeat 3 times. Then you pickle them. That is the longest part of the process. The actual pickling part took less than a half hour. It went so quick I wasn't ready with my jars, lids and stuff when my pickles were.

Now before you ask the closet was the only cool dark place I could think of in my house in August. I put a towel over them to block the light form the bedroom, bathroom and closet. This is also where we keep the red wine so I figured it would be safe.


sp52075 said...

Ok they look hella good and I want some.Obviously thats not going to happen so I need you to compare them to the ones in the fridge from trader Joe's they are one of the best I have ever had.They used to have some that were even better in the refer section but I didnt see them when I bought those

Sandra H said...

I agree. You need to save one jar to share with your friends. Or at least, let me taste a couple of slices. They do look great.

CJ said...

Saw your post for the Disappearing 9 Patch Swap on Jane's Fabrics and I emailed her on your behalf. Not sure if she will honor that but it was worth a shot. Contact her as soon as you can!