Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Spending For A Year!

First no I am not jumping on board with this. I would never make it a whole year. The people who can do it are dedicated. I have problems getting the whole concept, not the no shopping part but other parts of it.

Yesterday I was at my sister's house and flipped through this months issues of Good Housekeeping, it has a few really good articles in it. One that caught my eye is Could You Survive a Year Without Shopping? Without reading the article my answer is HELL NO! I have cut back but not give up completely. I encourage all of you to go and read the article.

I can get into most of the concept. You are to only purchase edibles and depletables for one year. Okay I get it. Money not spent on "shopping for stuff" is saved or spent on entertainment (vacations too). Okay. Using Freecycle and repurposing things you already have. Got it. Making gifts instead of purchasing THE most expensive, fabulous, new thing on the market. I am still with you. Taking your families old clothes to a consignment shop and using the credit to purchase new to you stuff. Okay, kids grow and need clothes.

Here was where I get hung up, the family of 5 in the article go to the movies more in this year, that could be an easy $80 to $100 dollars. For this family to see a movie in Stockton tickets would be $45.75, if they purchased all 5 a large drink that is another $25. Right there this family is at $70.75 with no popcorn or candy which is okay to purchase since it is edible. Wouldn't it be cheaper to wait for the DVD to come out? Really you buy the movie $20, box of microwave popcorn $4, 12 pack of soda $4 and a candy bar each $5. Grand Total for movie night at home $33. But you can't buy the DVD because your not shopping for a year. WHAT!!! Is it okay to go to Costco and buy the movie passes their at a discounted price? See where I get confused?

Here is my other issue, they switched to using disposable razors (they found under the bathroom sink) cause blades aren't edible or depletable. HUH? Last I checked I CAN use up a Mach 3 razor blade. You know you have used it up when it starts to draw blood. DEPLETABLE!!!

Here's the last issues I will share on this, can you still purchase services? I mean you don't NEED to get your hair and nails done. You could pluck your eyebrows instead of waxing them. Some people who do this say no to luxury services others say they are okay. To big of gray area for me.

Now some of you are trying to figure out how I have cut back. First I have not got any new jewelry this year, with the exception of one small princess cut diamond for Nu Bebe on my add a diamond bracelet. Normally I would have gotten something for Mother's Day and something for my birthday next Monday. Also I have cut way back on fabric, I have purchased 52 yards this year in turn I have used 125 yards. Which means I have used 72 yards more than I have purchased. Instead of buying books on the Tuesday they come out I have been trading some with my sister, no since of both of us buying it. I am even thinking about getting a library card, shh don't tell Heather I don't have one.

So are you going to try not to shop for a year?


Bonnie said...

There are some things which I will not give up -- that is my hair, nails and massages -- this does give someone a job and I feel better about myself after each.

Totally I can agree about using up the fabric we have on hand -- but just think, then we will be losing quilt shops and quality fabric.

Sometimes, it is great to take the family out; go to the $5.00 buck movie -- you have to get a card, which you can apply on line - Kerasotes theater in Manteca (movies that have been out for more than 2 weeks, you buy one popcorn and one drink and you get unlimited refills all day or try the other theater in Manteca -- all movies there are just $3.00 every day and all day. Feed everyone at home.

Yes Di it is time you get a library card. It is great for kids to see their parents reading as it helps develop them into readers also. My daughter has a routine with her children every night. They get their baths, have 30 minutes of quiet time, have a book (or chapter of a book)read to them and then it is bedtime. This has been going on since the kids have been small and it works wonderfully. I use it at my house too when they come to stay the night.

I agree with the making of gifts too; I much rather get a gift that someone has made for me; because it too their time and talent to make it.


Lisa said...

Fabric is depleatable. I am giving up all kinds of things to pay off medical bills - and yes I have insurance. My hair is gray, but it looks like I have it colored, I am lucky? Life stinks sometimes, but I do know that people have to much stuff and we could all do with less.

sew rosey said...

I read the article. Some ideas are okay, others stupid, i.e. feeding the birds garden seeds. If those seeds have been chemically treated they could be poisoning the birds. Re-using produce bags for lunch bags carries some sanitation risk. They could use corn cobs to save on TP too!

Hanging out in Stockton said...

I'm way ahead of you. I started when I got back from Sister's last year. No quilt guild memberships, quilt classes, quilt shows, quilt fabric, clothes, shoes etc. If I bought it, it was budgeted for. I'm back! I did it, it was ugly, and I won't do it again but now I know I can retire in March and survive.

jennifer said...

you know I have tried it before. I have not colored my hair in a year, but I just started getting "Pedi's" as they call it. so that is 1/2 a dozen 6 of another.
I don't have fake nails anyomore but now I buy expensive makeup like Mac and Bear esentials.... Can't live with out.Prob should.

Next... I try to use more plates that I wash instead of useing paper....But I'm with Diana...Everytime I'm doing a dish that takes forever how much water is being contaminated with soap.

Last I'm sure everyone can relate. I stop spending for a month and the husban comes home with a new boat.....that cost mor than what I spend in a YEAR!!..
So yes I purchase paper plates, makeup(expensive),get Pedies,and a a wim If I want roller blades...I purchase them if I have the cash.

Oh and who could go without razorblades.....Hairy armpit people...or should we take turns sharing a razor..anyone??

barb w said...

When I retired I gave up a number of the things that I just "had to have" during my working years. Some have been completely cut out of my life (Acrylic nails) but others have worked their way back in. I am trying to buy less fabric and also to actually finish a project now and then - finished a quilt today that has been hanging around for the last three years.
I have also started buying "green" cleaning products to help the environment but I haven't gotten to the point of giving up paper towels yet. I WILL NOT give up razorblades, deodorant or smelly soap. There are too many hairy, smelly people around already!!!