Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh My Stars!

I finished sewing star number 60 this afternoon!!! Yes you read that right. Which meant I promptly pulled out the variegated Red, White & Blue thread and started a new block with white thread. All before hanging the section of the quilt I was working on onto my design wall.

The block I made is for a new group I joined last night, Block Lotto. I have been watching this group for about 5 weeks now and decided to give it a try! So I have made one 6 inch log cabin block. I did the foundation piecing method since it is a small block and I wanted my seams accurate. I am hoping to get 9 blocks done, which will give me 9 chances to win. My first block is blue and orange. The good news is I have to post a picture of my blocks in order to be entered into the Lotto, so you will have pictures this month!

Now that I was able to sew something other than stars I have started putting the middle section of my Stars & Stripe quilt. I am hoping to do borders tomorrow! Then to piece the back and sandwich it by Saturday morning. I really want to be able to quilt this at the free sew!

As for Christmas, I have made the list, inventoried the closet and started with some gift ideas! I feel a little better about it now. I have also figured out what I have on hand to make gifts.

I have to say a BIG "Thank You" to Vicki for the wonderful comment she left yesterday. I read her blog and feel like I get nothing done compared to her. She makes and sells beautiful hand dyed fabrics, her etsy shop. Makes her own lotions, soaps and lip balm. She also long arm quilts, pieces and does cross stitch, I love seeing the progress on her cat! On top of that she blogs way more than I do! Each week she blogs her goals for the next week and what she got done the week before, my favorite is "Field Tripping the Web" which is links to other peoples projects (I hope to make the list one day). I suggest you go over check out her blog and leave her a comment!

Delaney is leaving again Friday for the weekend, I have some big plans! I am thinking of making pickles, haven't tried this before. Going to the free sew Saturday. Cleaning more of Nu Bebe's room.

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Vicki W said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I can't wait to see how the pickles turn out. I made dill pickles once. They tasted great but they weren't crisp. We could eat them, the texture just wasn't right!