Thursday, August 6, 2009

True Story

I am going to share with you a little of my sister's life last night. As she was leaving a School Board meeting last night, 11:20pm, she saw 2 girls by the store. She thought one of them had played ball for my brother in law so she doubled back. By the time she got to the store they were gone. She went looking for them.

She drove north on one of the the roads that lead away from town. After some searching Linda finds the two girls, they were not who she thought they were. Linda pulls over and asked if they needed help. Both girls were on their cell phones. The girls said no a friend was coming to get them as soon as they could get a hold of her. Linda asked how they got out here. The girls were at a Stockton Ports game and had met a girl who told them about a party in Linden. The girl said if they could get a ride out to Linden she could get them a ride to the party. The two girls then met a guy that lived in Valley Springs at the game and he said he would drive them to Linden.

Linda told them she was safe to be with could she take them some where. The one girl said her parents were out of town and she was staying with the other girl. The second girl said she lived all the way in Stockton. Linda said that was fine she could drive to Stockton. They said no. Linda asked if they knew where they were. The one girl used to go to one of the Linden elementary schools and knew some people in the area. Linda said okay would you like to call one of them and they come get you or I take you to them. After a few minutes it ended up that the brother was staying the night with a friend in Linden. Linda knew the mom and drove the girls their. By the time they got to the brother's friends that mom had called the second girls parents to come get both of the girls.

Now let me tell you these girls are 14 years old. Old enough to know not to get into a car with strangers. Old enough to use a cell phone to call their parents for help at midnight. Both girls are lucky that nothing happened to them and that Linda is the one who found them.

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sp52075 said...

damn these dumb ass girls have no idea how lucky they have been that they just got stranded.I would go coopmlety sideways if I was their parent.I should always be the first person that they call no matter what!!