Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

I turn 35 today. I am not having an issue with the number but reflecting on ALL that has happened in that time. Believe it or not I have lived long enough to see some amazing things take place.

The biggest WOW thing for me has been computers. I can remember as a kid a computer took up whole buildings and the government used them. The home computer wasn't even a concept. Today I own a desk top and 2 lap tops! It is amazing to think that something that not long ago took up HUGE buildings, I can now throw in my purse and drive down the road using it! (NO I don't drive and surf the web. Scott drives, I surf.)

I am going with a list off the top of my head here. Other things I have live through and seen:

1. the King of Rock n Roll dying, Elvis
2. the King of Pop dying, Micheal Jackson
3. the crack in the Iron Curtain and the Wall coming down
4. Vinyl to 8 track tape to CD's to an I-pod
5. Who Shot JR?
6. Having less than 10 channels on TV to having hundreds
7. Desert Storm
8. Cell Phones
9. The space Shuttle Challenger blowing up
10. The Twin Towers
11. More than one Recession
12. Harley Davidson celebrating 100 years
13. Rotarty dial phones
14. Pong to Atari to Playstation to Wii
15. THE Royal wedding, Princess Diana and Prince Charles
16. OJ Simpon Murder trial
17. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
18. San Francisco Bay Earthquake, 1989
19. Iran Contra Affairs
20. Bill Clinton's Affairs
21. Oaklahoma City Bombing
22. Capture of the Unibomber
23. Capture of Noriega in Panama
24. Disneyland turns 50, DisneyWorld turns 25, and openning of Disneyland Tokoyo and Paris
25. Welfare Reform
26. Birth of MTV
27. 1992 Execution of Robert Alton Harris, first Death Row Execution in California in 25 years
28. Rodney King and the LA Riots
29. Aids and HIV
30. Internet

A little on quilting changes:
31. Hand quilting your own to 3 month waiting list to send out to a Long Arm Quilter
32. Horible little calico prints to big bright bold designs
33. Making your own cardboard templates and cutting with scissors to plexiglass templates and Rotary cutting almost everything
34. Yo-Yo Makers
35. Quilting being something your Grandma did to being something everyone does

What is the WOW thing, for you, that has happened in your lifetime? Come on, leave me a comment it's my birthday!


Lisa said...

Lunar Landing, JFK assassination, and being a hand quilter, the amazing renevations in quilting frames.

The Sarah Bear said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! May your day be filled with diet coke, laughter, cake, friends, family, and fun!

hmmm... no seat belt law?

jennifer said...

Happy birthday Girl!!!
Can't wait to see you sat.
I just got an I phone well lets just say it is crazy I can check my e mail AND REPLY Soon I will be getting an ap to blog from it too. the endless posibility. take pi from phone, click blog it then send.....imagine that!! It does everything except. start my car, unlock my frount door, and print checks... I give it a year. I already can turn my house lights on from inside my car. technology is great...scarry...scary..oh ya my first app on my phone was spell check...Yea! for those who don't know me I suck at spelling..

barb w said...

I'm old. I remember where I was when JFK was assasinated and the walk on the moon being shown on tiny TV's which we thought were BIG. I also know that 35 is still very young - Happy Birthday.

sew rosey said...

Sewing machines that only did straight stitch.


Gina said...

Happy Birthday Dear Di... Hope it was a happy one.

Bonnie said...

Have a wonderful birthday DI!!!!!!
There are too many things I want to forget -- I remember being in the first (pre-algebra class) in 7th grade -- when it was called "new math" and in order to be in the class you had to commit to 6 weeks of summer school where you learned both science and math. I can remember 3-digit telephone numbers in Manteca. I can even remember when the Foster Farm man use to deliver milk and ice cream to the house. I can remember being able to eat at McDonald's having a hamburger, fries and coke and getting change from your dollar. I can remember gas war prices at gas stations where gas was as low as 10 CENTS a gallon and you even got S&H stamps or double Blue Chip stamps and then you could redeem them for all kinds of stuff. I can remember when Sears and Roebuck was downtown in Stockton on Oak Street as my mother worked in the Candy Department one Christmas Season. I can remember when you were able to keep your house doors unlocked all night, walk the streets at night and leave your car running without having to worry. Yes I remember those old computers too, they did take up an old building and if you ever made an error --- they just kept running and running with a continuous loop. One other thing I hate to admit, you are younger than my youngest daughter, so I guess that makes me ancient.

I hope you got everything that was on your list; if not, there is still Christmas. You can be that little kid that goes tell Santa what they want.


sew rosey said...

Reading Bonnie's comments reminded me that last week in Raleys I walked down "memory lane" when I was behind a lady buying JiffyPop, which for anyone who doesn't remember, it's a foil frying-pan looking container that you use on the stovetop to make popcorn--didn't realize they still sold it. Another customer was buying milk in glass bottles. I had not seen THAT since I was a kid (a million years ago). But this milk lacked the tasty cream on top we used to get.

When I told my then 5-year old granddaughter that at her age, we didn't have TV, she asked "Not even DVD's?"

I cannot imagine the "history" Delaney will be telling her kids and grandkids!