Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do You Know What This Is?

Besides Delaney eating a cupcake. This is the first photo taken with my new Kodak EasyShare C180 camera! This is a HUGE accomplishment! Never mind the whole I am going to learn how to use the Sony. With no power cord because Scott lost his a stole mine. I have to go to 3 stores to try to buy a new one. Today I took the photo and learned my old EasyShare software is not compatible with the new camera. So that meant finding the new software online and installing it. I am SO NOT a camera or computer person. This one photo has taken over 2 hours to get!
Delaney was busy playing with Polly Pocket, making foam bead necklaces, eating a cupcake and watching TV so she couldn't look at me during this photo. Do you see was is behind Delaney on the back of the chair?
Yep one quarter of Liar, Liar Pants On Fire. It looks like it should be photoed in the next 48 hours.


Sandra H said...

Nice pic. Congrats on getting the camera and software to work.

Lisa said...

You go girl!

sew rosey said...

I'm happy you got a camera so now we can see pictures of all your great projects!

Re: dirty dishes piling up: paper plats help cut down the work. And you can frequently get them on sale at Target.